24th Street Reversal

SOSNA's Grays Ferry Gateway Project is proposing to reversing the direction of 24th Street from one-way southbound to one-way northbound between Lombard Street and Bainbridge Street. The resulting intersection will force all north- and southbound 24th Street traffic to join westbound Lombard Street traffic. This will impact pedestrian crossings at the intersection.

SOSNA is also considering addressing concerns about northbound 24th Street traffic cutting down Naudain Street by reversing the direction of Naudain Street in the 2400 block.

SOSNA has stated that a preliminary traffic study shows no negative impact on traffic by this reversal; however, we do not know the scope of this assessment, including whether it considers impacts to pedestrian, bicycle and delivery traffic.

Do you support SOSNA's proposal to reverse the direction of 24th Street?