What to Know About the Spruce and Pine Street Bike Lane Revamp


The city has begun its highly anticipated revamp of the Spruce and Pine street bike lanes.

The project will, among other things, switch the road’s two bike lanes from the right to the left sides of the streets. It’s welcomed by cyclists — and some neighbors — who have bemoaned safety and traffic conditions on Spruce and Pine street in recent years.

Here’s information on the project’s background, what the revamp will accomplish, and what to expect if you live or drive in the area.

A need for protection

Originally set to take place in fall 2018, the revamp was delayed until this spring … and then delayed again until this month. Christopher Puchalsky, policy director in the city’s Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems, explained the setbacks in October: The project is “really important,” he said, and “rather than doing it quick, rushing, we’d rather do it right.” Plus, he said, it didn’t make sense to repave the roads just before deteriorating winter weather conditions.

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